Keep moments bright

For every moment you have with your kids, let Snapbrite help to keep up, show up, share with your family and friends, privately.

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Build with love by parents for parents

Snap your kids' moments

With many choices for posting an entry, you can quickly post your favorite photos, audios and videos of your kids or just text some words as story or quote.

Bookmark kids' development milestone

Chances are you will never forget the first time that your baby clapped hands, waved bye-bye and said mommy, daddy. By posting an Event, you bookmarked these miraculous moments.

Automatically organizing data

Your photos/audios/videos are automatically organized based on the taken date and location. You can easy to keep track your kids' timeline.


Cast your kids' timeline on TV or export to HD video. It is a wonderful time when your family sit down together and watch video of your kids.

Share your kids' snaps

Invite people in your family or friends to get your kids' snaps. They will able to get updates instantly. Share links helps older people easily follow your kids in their desktop.

See your kids' growth

Track your kid's growth data and compare with WHO guidelines.

Family focus. Easy to use

Snapbrite focuses on family using. Even grand parents can find it easy and use wherever, on the web or Android mobile phone.

Coming soon features

Printable postcard, scrapbook, stickers and mailing.

Kid mode

Your kids can safely share photos with their grandparent without effort.

Why Snapbrite?

You own your snaps

You have full control data you posted here. You can download or delete them at any time.

Free of charge

You have full features mobile and web app without any charge. Your upload quota is 1GB.

Free forever

In the future, we may sale stickers, scrapbook printing and postcard design services.